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From hidden treasures to world famous landmarks, our travel guides cater to your budget and interests from experienced travelers and will help you find anything from historic sites to iconic boutiques and everything in between.

Planning your trip just got exciting again

Add places to your trip and organize your travel plans into an itinerary sorted by date of visit, if you don’t find a place to choose from the city guide directory, just add it manually, and you’re ready to go, it’s like your travel agenda.

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No matter if you travel on a tight budget, or you’re not really into fancy restaurants, the unique inspiration tool will find the perfect place for you to fit your budget, and will show you places according to your trip preferences and interests, play with it.


Locate yourself. See what’s near

Know where you are and what’s around you, choose what category to display on the map, you can also use apple maps offline, just browse the city before you go, and you’re all set.